In with the new (venue)

Last Thursday was the first day-long TV event of 2016 at Quest in Leeds, so my Beloved and I pootled into town and had a quick breakfast – McDonalds because she likes the muffins – before making our way out to the club; we actually went for the first time in December and the new venue is very nice indeed with more play rooms, a Jacuzzi, larger changing facilities for girls and the new dungeon with some fantastic artwork on the walls, rather industrial-looking metal on the floor and some interesting “furniture”. Sadly there were no dominant TVs there who wanted to control a submissive maid – there’s only so much a girl can do if she struggles to ask outright in these situations – so nothing happened that time.

So I dressed in my PVC French maid’s uniform, black 4” heels with ankle straps, an Alice band to make my hair behave itself a little and my favourite collar before meeting Mistress Claire and her collared submissive Eric in the bar; it was, rather wonderfully, their anniversary as Mistress and sub so congratulations were and indeed in order because I’m a completely hopeless romantic when it comes to things like this! My regular nerves simply melted away the instant Mistress Claire beckoned me over to her – I was just about to go for a curtsey and trying to obey her at the same time must have looked more than a little awkward!

Eric needed to be properly dealt with first, so yours truly was tightly bound to a piece of dungeon furniture to keep me from wandering away; my wrists were tied to tethering points on the bench itself, ankles were loosely restrained and I was wearing my lycra hood and the harness ring gag as I sat there somewhere between one and one and a half hours, occasionally being reminded of my place but mostly left listening to the sound thrashing being delivered nearby. And after being gagged for that long I was somewhat in need of a break, so was sent to the bar for a quick drink and to stretch my limbs.

The second tie of the day saw me hooded and ring gagged again, but this time standing with my arms cuffed above my head to what looked very like scaffolding and my ankles tied apart; this was quite a difficult position to maintain in stockinged feed because they kept sliding apart on the metal floor and I was constantly needing to adjust my position, but I’m at least reasonably well versed at managing myself like that when in bondage. Sadly, although a few girls were apparently observing from the doorway to the dungeon, nobody took up the offer of having their way with me whilst I was helpless to resist…

The buffet was served not long after my arms became insistent about being released, so Mistress Claire led me into the bar area on her heavy chain and I was ordered to fetch a plate of food and a drink for her so I obediently scurried off. When I returned we ate together and…. well, it’s hard to describe how being controlled like that feels for me but, whilst Mistress Claire talked to a guy who was interested in receiving first spanking, I was contentedly sitting by her side, gently bobbing my head to the music and occasionally picking up fragments of conversation.

Then it was back to the dungeon again for a stricter version of the sitting tie from earlier that day; this time my wrists were crossed behind my back with a rope harness to keep them in place, knees and ankles were tightly bound together and then secured so there was hardly any movement possible (I did wriggle a little from time to time to enjoy that restriction – I never want to escape when bound but knowing how helpless I am is fantastic) and a blindfold replaced the hood under the gag’s harness. I was kept that way for a while whilst being teased and tormented. When the chap wanting a spanking finally surfaced he wasn’t happy about the rather public nature of the dungeon however, so my legs were freed and the gag and blindfold removed so that I could safely be lead to one of the more private playroom with a door… by which point he’d managed to completely disappear!

So instead I was treated to more teasing, some cuddling on the bed (which is… well, unusual in bondage because you can’t cuddle back!) and our time together was rounded off by a firm, over the knee spanking which was deserved considering all of the extremely naughty thoughts I’d just confessed to having during the course of the day! So all that is left for this post is a demure curtsey and some wholehearted thanks from myself to all of the lovely people involved in another fabulous event at Quest, particularly Mistress Claire and my Beloved.

Out with the old (venue)

The more regular visitors to my blog might have already noticed a new picture gallery that materialised on Saturday (along with an extended set which has pictures showing my [ahem] naughty bits over at XHamster… and considering the topic of this blog, my being so coy is a mystery to me as well) which contains some new photos of me in bondage. They were taken at Quest in Leeds on Thursday the 26th of November at the club’s final event before moving to the new venue, an event that my Beloved and I really wanted to attend because we were there close to the start and are rather sentimental like that! It also meant that I could meet the wonderful Mistress Claire for a third time and I’m hardly going to miss that opportunity.

As with the two previous outings this year, I was dressed in my corset, PVC French maid uniform, stockings, 4” heels that were locked at the ankle straps and my favourite collar. The dungeon room was already in use, so instead I found myself standing hooded and gagged in one of the public rooms as my arms were tightly bound behind me and more ropes added to hold them firmly in place. Once I was helped onto the bed this soon became a hogtie and then Mistress Claire and I think at least one other girl kept me “entertained” until the dungeon became available but, rather than being freed, only my legs were released and I was gently guided for a slow, nervous walk down the corridor whilst still tightly bound, gagged and blindfolded.

Once there I was sat on the large wooden “throne” and my legs tied again, where I stayed as Mistress Claire’s submissive boy was properly dealt with; of course I couldn’t actually watch so was just listening, but there were also regular distractions as various girls French kissed me, put fingers into my helplessly open mouth, spanked my thighs or played with the contents of my knickers, keeping me aroused with their hands and occasionally mouths which was simultaneously fantastic but frustrating! That went on for what I think was at least two and a half hours in total but it may well have been closer to three with my Beloved joining in too, and then I was untied to have a much needed drink.

The hood and gag soon went back on when we returned to the dungeon, but with my gas mask over the top which meant that breathing needed to be quite carefully managed, hearing was far more restricted than before and, whilst the hood alone has a reasonable blindfold, I could no longer see even the camera flash unless it was pointing directly at me! Mistress Claire wanted to try a more elaborate tie this time – sadly, I forget the name for it and must apologise both to her and everybody reading – and set to work immobilising me. It’s really hard to explain, but there’s something simultaneously arousing and somehow relaxing about the process of being bound… the feeling isn’t for everybody of course but for me it’s fabulous, especially when doing intricate rope bondage that takes time to apply.

After a set of pictures was taken and some teasing took place, I was untied for a second break where a buffet was available too and, whilst eating cocktail sausages (no, that isn’t a euphamism) and failing abysmally to nonchalantly perve look at all of the other club goers, I had a chat with a particularly attractive girl; she was wearing some stunning heels – I stood no chance of staring at them without being noticed, so just went ahead anyway – and both of us wore a collar with a ring but, since mine was larger, she claimed to have “ring envy”! Okay, so the conversation was far more in depth than that but, although she was quite candid about herself with me and later my Beloved, I’ll refrain from repeating what was said since it’s not my place to do so.

On returning to the dungeon for the third time I was hooded, gagged again and, as my arms were being secured behind my back, another girl unexpectedly began feeding me tea on her fingers through the ring gag so that was a new, surprisingly arousing experience – she “threatened” to put something bigger there later but that didn’t happen in the end so, if she’s reading, please make yourself known if we bump into each other again. I was tied to that accursed “throne” once more but the bondage was stricter this time around. I was kept horny and helpless for I have no idea how long, listening to other girls kissing and playing with each other without being able to see, do or even say anything but, although I wasn’t starved of attention, the experience was frustrating beyond belief especially since Mistress Claire insisted on keeping me erect most of the time; apparently a gentle tapping of her cane down there achieves that effect, something else I didn’t know!

Near the end of the evening Mistress Claire and I sat in bar area and chatted for a while as she practised various ties on one of my wrists, until one became significantly more involved, pinned my arms behind me and turned into a final visit to the dungeon. I took my now regular, uncomfortable seat but without the hood or gag in place so I was able to watch as the lovely Paula got what she wanted – despite all the teasing she did whilst I was tied, Paula and I didn’t get a chance to play in the end, but there’s always another time – and then I was untied for the final time we chatted a little more, in part about meeting regularly and that is a thought that literally just given me goosebumps whilst writing about it.

Despite having written around twice as much this time, I’ve still probably forgotten to cover something that happened, failed to properly mention any of the lovely girls who teased me whilst I was helpless – in my defence I was blindfolded and gagged, but would really like to do something in return – and am doubtful any of what I experienced has really been done justice here, but hopefully the pictures will cover the remaining ground. As always, I’d like to offer a large and heartfelt, curtseying thankyou to everybody who made it a great afternoon and evening, especially to my Beloved and Mistress Claire.

If all goes to “plan”, my Beloved and I should be at the Christmas event at the club’s new venue although I might actually wear a dress for that one…?

Birthday bound

Well girls, I spent last Thursday in the company of the wonderful Mistress Claire for a second time and she found a number of ways to amuse herself with me during the six hours we were together. After calming my nerves – I’m always scared when meeting a Mistress even if I know her, to some degree that build up is part of the play for me – the first thing she wanted to do was a spot of rope bondage and more specifically a hogtie whilst I was hooded and wearing my ring gag. The photos really speak for themselves but, even with just my heels tied to my arms it still felt wonderfully restrictive so the final position with the extra ropes around my legs and up to the gag hardness (which puilled it in a little further) was just blissful, especially since I was subjected to some quite harsh spanking, some pinching and quite a bit of [ahem] probing during the tying process as well!

After I was eventually freed and told to take a little rest, the second tie was to another girl with her on top – that was mostly at my insistance since I could see most of my bodyweight would be on her and didn’t like that idea, but also because as a sub I’m happier to be subservient to other girls anyway… and being pinned down by an attractive trans girl is an erotic experience, especially if she starts grinding againt you! I completely lost track of time at this point so have no idea how long we were bound together, but another girl took it upon herself to play with the contents of my knickers whilst I was almost completely powerless to do anything about it!

Once we were both released I was ordered to remove my maid’s uniform to leave just the corset, knickers, stockings and my heels before being bound again, initially with my arms behind my back and my legs together but the latter were freed because the girl I’d recently been tied to was wanting me to go down on her and I needed to kneel for that. Because it turned her on she requested that I wear a rubber hood she had with her that had large cartoon eyes and a wide open, round red mouth that, appropriately I suppose, resembled an inflateable doll! How does a girl resist when she’s quite desperate to please others and already tied up? Obviously the answer is that she doesn’t resist and does what she’s told by the Mistress in charge, although we were so caught up that sadly there are no pictures of what happened as she slapped my face and held my hooded head between her legs and used me. But here’s what I looked like before getting onto my knees for her.

As noted previously, I haven’t been actively playing for quite a while so my tolerance to pain is currently lower than it used to be and Mistress Claire commented that she was going easy on me because of that… so a certain silly girl brightly piped up with something along the lines of “oh, you can be more harsh with me if you like Ma’am” before finding her wrists tied to a cross, a ball gag in place (well okay, that was a request from me…) and literally dancing around as she was quite soundly thrashed! You’d think with the years of BDSM experience I’ve got it would’ve occurred to me that saying something like that was only going to end in gagged whimpers and a sore bum but nope, mouth open and stockinged foot inserted!

Finally there was some time spent sitting whilst bound hand and foot with the ball gag and a hood once more, a heavy chain hanging from the O ring on my favourite collar and Mistress Claire sat nearby with her stockingled legs draped over mine – there were people playing and then chatting but I couldn’t join in with, but was probably a little too lost in the moment to contribute. Two days later I’m still a very happy lass with a soppy grin every time she thinks back about the bondage, the lovely people and having her hair pulled whilst being rather forcefully kissed! The time just seemed to fly past and there’s always going to be something I’ve forgotten to mention because so much happened (I’ve literally just remembered the girl who ased “do you do as you’re told” before telling me to suck her nipples but can’t remember at what point that happened in proceedings!) but I do need to thank everybody who made that afternoon at Quest such a fantastic one and of course the wonderful Mistress whose care I was in. The rest of the pictures she took of me during our time together can be found in the appropriate gallery.