Unexpected absence

March 22nd, 2011 by Verity

Oops, sorry girls! i didn’t mean to disappear again but i’ve been tied up recently… not like that sadly, i haven’t been out to play for ages despite promising myself that i would. In fact, all i’ve really found free time for lately has been video games and i’ve been playing a mixture of Deathsmiles, KOF: Sky Stage and an indie game called Mimi in the Sky, all three on the Xbox 360 – the observant amongst you might have noticed a link to my gamer tag on the about page and yes, my avatar is dressed as a cheerleader but that’s because there are no maids uniforms in the avatar dressing up box!

i do have a couple of dilemmas at the moment; right now there’s almost no sign of interest from any of the people signing up to Sissy Dungeon and as a result it’s pretty much sitting idle. Even though there’s very little real activity, it does still need an eye kept on it to prevent spammers sticking their oar in so, along with the resources taken by them and the occasional real visitor, there’s a certain amount of my time required to keep it just ticking over so part of me is mumbling something about closing the site down, but for some reason i just can’t bring myself to…

On a similar but probably far less problematic note there’s Abase Me, formerly the website of Mz Bitch who is no longer interested in using it; the domain name is too cool to let it expire and there’s still legitimate traffic passing through so i’ve sort of been planning to give it a slight redesign, offer free accounts to Dom/mes wanting to use the space to humiliate their own subs/slaves and i’ll most likely run some appropriate advertising as well – it’s just a matter of finding the time!

Maids With Balloons (Xbox)

January 19th, 2011 by Verity

Take three girls dressed in skimpy French maid uniforms, a geek with a video camera and do a spot of filming; usually the result would be fetish porn, but in this particular case we instead end up looking at an Xbox 360 Live Indie game that the developer has christened Maids With Balloons… so now it even sounds like fetish porn!

[singlepic id=164 w=460]

The game itself is actually three mini games, a simple gallery shooter where maid Cali launches balloons at seagulls and tries to avoid avian faecal matter, a version of Frogger (okay, it’s actually a version of Freeway from the Atari 2600 and my retro gaming knickers are showing) which sees maid Erica avoiding oncoming traffic for helium-filled rubber and maid Pixie gets herself catapulted skywards from a trampoline borne by the other girls in grand Circus Atari tradition to grab even more latex, all the while scaring away poop-laden gulls. Each is rather simple fare (the game rather than the girl) but they’re all surprisingly fun to play if a little repetitive after time.

[singlepic id=165 w=460]

Graphics are a mixture of stock photos and textures, overlaid with crudely-drawn enemies and digital stills of the girls animated as though Terry Gilliam had decided to do fetish porn, all accompanied by encouraging sound bites as balloons are collected or birds given the push. The controls are reasonable throughout if a little slow-moving at times, especially around the fourth or fifth wave of each game when the pace has stepped up significantly. The acting in the video clips book-ending each game is amusingly bad and reminiscent of FMV “classics” such as Night Trap, although the camera work here is a considerably more ropey. One particular video to watch out for is played only when quitting the preview as the girls pout about nobody wanting to play with them; it’s the first time i’ve ever seen a game try emotional blackmail like that!

[singlepic id=166 w=460]

Maids With Balloons is at best average as a collection of mini games and the presentation rather variable, but it does at least offer some giggles (not all of them from the maids themselves) and refuses utterly to take itself seriously. Remember, just 80 MS points will keep three French maids from pouting sulkily at you, but make sure you’ve got an excuse ready for when friends or family notice the download on your 360’s hard drive. And for goodness sake don’t let them Google “maids with balloons” or they might find the fetish clips gallery i located (link removed because it’s out of date) that has one of the girls (maid Pixie, under the pseudonym PXE) from the game in it!

First outing 2011!

January 15th, 2011 by Verity

Yay, after over eighteen months on “hiatus” i popped my head around the door of Isis and maided about the place a little! Here i am just lounging around the bar…

[singlepic id=163 w=460]

There’s no bondage in the three pictures taken, but i’ve popped this post into that category because i did get bound, gas masked and my bum thrashed [happy sigh] by the lovely Paula (who ordered me to purchase the white knee-length socks i’m wearing). At some point i really have to get myself strapped into that chair in the picture above, it might be a scary idea since that’s in the bar area rather than a play room but it’s the only piece of bondage furniture i haven’t tried yet!