August is warmer still in PVC

The 25th of August saw me heading over to Quest in Leeds, but all on my lonesome! My Beloved wasn’t available this time but, despite her absence, I still went through the “ritual” of getting a McDonalds breakfast beforehand. The pre-event nerves that I’ve been managing to avoid these past months by distracting myself as we talked over the food came back with a vengeance this time as I sat there alone with a McMuffin and thought about seeing Ma’am; I’ve improved no end on that front since we started playing together, going from barely being able to speak in her presence to the point where I’m even making timid suggestions, but not having my Beloved there after all of the visits together was surprisingly unnerving.

Nerves aside, when I arrived the faithful PVC French maid’s uniform came out to play – this was something of a mistake considering how hot the day turned out to be and I ended up suffering for my art – and, after Mistress Claire and I chatted a little and I tried to pull off a halfway respectable curtsey for her, we made our way to the dungeon. For the first tie of the day Ma’am wanted to try something different; there was a new piece of furniture present, a large wooden cage originally been built for the old venue which had spent the last couple of months in the new building’s bar area was now placed in a corner so my wrists were tied and I was told to sit on top of it. My ankles were then bound apart and the ring gag and blindfold applied to leave me wonderfully helpless and exposed.

I heard Melanie Peach arrive whilst I was sitting there and Ma’am left me to start tying her up. When I was freed, Melanie was sitting on the gym mat with her wrists bound behind her and I was told to sit back to back with her before Ma’am tied us together; I sat cross-legged because it’s more comfortable for me in the long term, although the position meant that I couldn’t lean back to uncross them even if I’d wanted to; my wrists were pulled back by a rope that went around both of our bodies but Mel’s hands were between us and I felt her groping my bum a few times the naughty girl! This bondage was finished off with a couple of blindfolds, my ring gag and some duct tape but we weren’t there very long since there wasn’t much that could be done to us in that position.

Once we were both released, Ma’am remembered that I’d nervously volunteered to help Melanie to orgasm earlier in the day, so she soon had on my knees and, without going into too much graphic detail, I did my very best to complete said task to everyone’s satisfaction. I believe that Melanie enjoyed the experience, although I was too blushingly shy to ask afterwards as I looked up at her! Ma’am had recently purchased a Humbler (a device that fastens around the testicles and pulls them back behind the thighs, forcing the wearer to remain on all fours) and wanted to try it out with Melanie, but the combination of position and lighting in the dungeon meant it wasn’t possible to apply the device properly.

Next I was bound to the small kneeling bench with my arms firmly restrained behind my back and my ankles tied apart so that I could be teased as Mistress Claire saw fit. Since both my ring gag and blindfold had performed something of a disappearing act within our toy bag, my mouth was instead taped shut; this possibly isn’t as effective a gag as it might appear – having the tape fasten something inside the mouth improves it and there are a few pictures of me bound in a habit with a pair of my own panties in my taped mouth and if someone else donates a pair that’s more fun – but it works reasonably well and I mumbled incoherently and at some length as the contents of my panties were mercilessly teased without any release in sight and a few threats that it might not happen at all! After two weeks of being frustratingly chaste on her orders, that was a remarkably scary thing to hear.

Another girl whose name I sadly didn’t catch had brought some of her own toys into the dungeon and Ma’am decided to let her loose on me, so I was secured facing towards the double sided cross with its heavy leather straps before my wrists were taped together tightly with duct tape, and then the girl proceeded to spank and thrash me to her heart’s content. It was a very enjoyable experience; every person I’ve taken a beating for has their own style and indeed reasons for wanting to administer discipline like this, so hopefully she enjoyed delivering it as much as I did receiving.

Vixen had entered the dungeon at some point when I was on the cross and, since I’d already expressed an interest in helping other girls to a “happy ending”, I was leant to her for the same purpose. I offered to wear her doll hood – the rubber mask that makes the wearer look like a sex toy – and, although she initially declined, it didn’t take very long for it to come out of her bag. Vixen can be quite rough on those zipped into her hood so my face was slapped several times as I worked and she’d occasionally hold my head down to bury herself inside me, but I’m really not complaining about said treatment because I knew precisely what I was getting myself into when offering to wear the hood and was willing to please. This time I was sadly less successful, so was allowed out of the hood when it was time for the food to be served, following Mistress Claire to the bar area in order to buy a drink and collect a plate of food for each of us.

After we finished eating, Ma’am wanted to tie me in strappado bondage so yours truly rather foolishly brought up what she written previously about wanting to attempt a stricter position whilst wearing heels… it’s possibly not noticeable from the pictures but, when my attention wasn’t taken up with the pain of my behind being thrashed or worrying about drooling all over the floor from the ring gag – I’m quite proud of how well that’s usually managed but in that position it’s impossible to control – it was a struggle to find a stance that wasn’t going to put a lot of strain on either my thighs or calves and a lot of dancing around and balancing on one leg ensued. But that brave part of me who asked for the heels and gag is going to very politely request that her legs are bound together and the position made even more strict next time.

As I was being untied, another person in the dungeon was after Mistress Claire’s attention so, since I needed something of a rest, I asked for permission to go to the bar. Because it seemed like a fun thing to do I also requested that my wrists weren’t untied which meant that I had to ask for the can of diet Coke to be opened and a straw inserted before being able to drink from it! I was asked how long the bondage had been in place by Chris because he’d assumed it was there during the buffet because I tend to stand with my hands behind me. Trying to do everyday things like this whilst in bondage is challenging but rather enjoyable and if I were more domestically inclined – which really isn’t the case – I’d possibly spend some time doing the housework wearing my uniform and restraints.

On returning to Ma’am’s side she bound me once more in a helpless sitting position and applied my gag and blindfold before getting down to the business of bringing me to a shuddering, breathtaking orgasm; much as I enjoy everything else she does to me, being there and helpless as this happens has to be my favourite moment and I’ll quite literally beg when she decided that to be a necessity. After I was released we retired to one of the bedrooms for some bondage practise with the other girl who’d beaten me on the cross previously because she wanted to learn a little about rope bondage from Ma’am; I’m always a willing victim in these situations and ended up with my wrists, knees and ankles bound on the bed – I think she was quite impressed that I could manoeuvre around whilst in bondage – before I received another spanking from her.

Ma’am and I returned to the dungeon and, again being surprisingly brave, I volunteered to be her victim so that she could properly test her new Humbler; I knelt on top of the cage so the appropriate area was easily accessible and reasonably well lit. I’ve wanted to try a Humbler for quite a while and considered buying one myself, the experience is very interesting because you’re constantly aware of it – a small wooden pillory fastened around your balls really isn’t going to go unnoticed after all – but it isn’t particularly uncomfortable as long as no attempt is made to rise from all fours. Again this is something I’d like to try again in the future, possibly with more bondage if Mistress Claire sees fit.

Finally, we used the remaining time for a practise tie and, as she was untying me for the last time and we were chatting about the next time we’d see each other and how long I was to remain chaste for her, suddenly there was a commotion. Initially I thought it was just someone being rather vocal during sex and the accompanying cry of “call an ambulance” was merely in jest, but a minute or so later the house lights came on; it seems that one of the patrons had accidentally hurt her ankle whilst stepping down from a bed and was so badly injured that she was stretchered away by ambulance!

As always, my sincere thanks go to the fantastic Mistress Claire and my wonderful Beloved (even if she couldn’t be there on this occasion), my regular dungeon companion Melanie, the lovely Vixen and everybody else at Quest for making it such a great day once more – it’s less than a fortnight to the next one!

Bound and gagged in July

The 28th of July was Quest‘s all day party event, so my Beloved and I packed up the toy bag and headed into Leeds city centre for breakfast before making our way to their venue for the day. I’d decided to don my little black dress with the leopard print top and heels, but this time around accessorised with some new hold up stockings (a few girls commented on these, they were purchased on the way to the club from a branch of Superdrug) and my corset-style belt. After getting changed, I headed to the bar area to meet and curtsey for Mistress Claire – something I was ordered to do more than once this time since my Beloved and another girl “heckled” the first one [mumbles] – and, once she was ready, I was led into the dungeon.

In keeping with what has become tradition, Ma’am first bound me to the kneeling stool, adding my newer ring gag and the blindfold for good measure. As always, that position left me feeling wonderfully helpless and exposed so, although I could wriggle a little, it wasn’t possible to move away from wandering hands or even say anything about where they were wandering and sitting like that meant that my quite short dress rode up to show off the tops of my new stockings rather well too! After being “warmed up” with that resstrictive but comfortable bondage, Ma’am wanted me on the cross for some fun; I was strapped into place with the heavy restraints on the cross itself and then made to wriggle and jump as much as the restraints would allow as she used various implements and her hand to redden my exposed bum! My pain threshold isn’t particularly high at the moment, but I did try to take as much as possible for her and hopefully she enjoyed herself.

Melanie Peach had arrived before I was released so, after our wrists were bound behind our backs, the decision was made to tightly tie the two of us back to back, securing our upper arms together so we could barely move. I’d previously taken off my heels before standing in front of the cross but Mel was still wearing hers; since I’m a little taller than she is that worked to line us up for bondage, but also meant she was having to concentrate on her balance, even more so after we were blindfolded and gagged because the tormenting that followed often meant that one of us was pulling against the bonds.

After a rest, Ma’am decided to use the scaffolding to tie me in strappado bondage – my wrists were bound together and then pulled upwards to make me bend over – and added further rope around my body for extra support so that not all of my weight was on my arms; this meant that I could stay in position for longer and, as with the previous time this tie was used, my behind was in the perfect position for further attention which is exactly what was lavished upon it. I would really like to try an even stricter version of this position at some point, perhaps even wearing heels and a gag to make things less comfortable… although saying things like that when I know Ma’am reads my reports is almost certainly asking for trouble!

Mistress Claire wanted to try something a little different after the strappado, so she had me sitting on the kneeling stool but facing the opposite direction as she tied me in place again. This meant that my legs were a little further apart than before but it was still a comfortable position and, looking at the pictures after the fact, it also offers new opportunities for others to have fun with me that the standard position doesn’t allow for, but for this outing I merely enjoyed the experience of being restrained as the pictures were taken and other thinga happened around the dungeon.

It was back to the scaffolding for a standing tie with my hands and arms bound tightly behind me and then lashed to two of the upright poles as Ma’am applied a blindfold and then spent a little time teasing the contents of my knickers and indeed me, before I was returned to my original seated position with gag and blindfold in place once more; but whilst once again helpless in this position I was also made to orgasm by her which, after two weeks of being chaste, felt utterly blissful especially since I had absolutely no say in the matter whatsoever. I needed a couple of quite shaky minutes in my restraints to recover from it as well but thanked Mistress Claire when my gag was removed.

Finally, we moved to one of the bedrooms where I was laid on the bed whilst Ma’am bound me with my legs together and my arms pinned by my sides, another reasonably comfortable but compromising position which I remained in for well over an hour before being released because we had to prepare to leave. As is always the case, my thanks need to go to both my Beloved and Mistress Claire for their attentions over the course of the day, my regular dungeon companion Melanie Peach who suffered alongside or more accurately behind me and indeed to everybody who was at Quest that day for what was a wonderful time. A larger collection of pictures taken by Ma’am can be found in the relevant gallery.

An early June outing

Before I start, yes this post is a little late even by my standards and I apologise for that; since my Beloved and I were at Quest in Leeds to see Mistress Claire on the 16th it should really have been posted a couple of days ago – Ma’am doesn’t set me any deadlines at least for the moment, but a week to process what happened and write things up is, considering my rather haphazard writing style and tendency towards procrastination, a reasonable period of time – but there was the EU referendum to worry about; I won’t go further on that particular topic apart from saying that I have nothing positive to say about the result…

So returning to the subject of heading to Quest, that’s what the two of us did starting with the now “traditional” breakfast at McDonalds beforehand. I’d planned to wear my PVC French maid’s uniform over the regular corset, along with hold ups and heels; there are sadly no pictures this time because Ma’am didn’t have her camera and, whilst our old Kodak was in the toy bag, I’d previously removed the memory card to transfer some images and forgotten to put it back in! [Mumbles and blushes] After changing I made my way to the bar area where my Beloved and Mistress Claire were chatting and just about managed to pull off a curtsey again – that still needs some practise which I will put in – and, after talking a little, we made our way into the dungeon.

The first tie of the day was seated on the kneeling bench with my arms bound tightly behind me and ankles apart whilst wearing my lycra hood and harness ring gag. That left me feeling quite helpless, especially when a couple of girls began playing with me; the position doesn’t allow particularly easy access to the contents of my knickers but that certainly didn’t stop anyone from trying, and the sensation of being both restrained and stimulated was amazing! My Beloved also wanted to be bound so, whilst I was sitting there, I could hear rather than see that; it’s hard to be sure, but if what I heard was anything to go by, she enjoyed herself! And whilst I was standing as Mistress Claire worked on untying me, one of the aforementioned girls returned to [blushes] finish what she’d previously started, leaving me quite literally weak at the knees!

Mistress Claire’s collared submissive has recently been experimenting with her feminine side, so the recently-christened Melanie and I found ourselves bound together whilst lying on the floor and basically cuddling, with our arms around each other and positioned so that our behinds were freely available! And, after Ma’am had amused herself with us, she handed her package over to my Beloved who proceeded to play a game where we had to decide how many swings of the flogger – our heavier shock cord one which has a sting but quite a bit of weight too – the other was to receive. This was cruel because, although I know Melane enjoys pain play, having to choose for her in that way just felt… wrong, especially since I could feel her against me, tensing up to receive the blows!

After we were both freed and given some time to recover, I found myself bound to the cross using it’s leather straps before the skirt of my maid’s uniform was lifted and tucked into the apron strap so that Ma’am could return to amusing herself with various implements before that focus on punishment continued with some strappado bondage; this is where the bound wrists are pulled upwards to be secured above the victim’s head so their body is forced to bend over, in this case with the rope going over the scaffolding. That position meant that I was essentially presenting my bottom once and, despite the generously loose tie, my arms and thighs were beginning to ache by the time Ma’am decided to take me down. I’d like to try that position again with perhaps a longer duration and stricter tie, although a gag might well be necessary!

The final tie of the day was sitting on a smaller kneeling bench and positioned with my back to two of the scaffolding poles, to which my wrists were bound; a final rope from my collar which held my head back, leaving me very open to being pinched or scratched. My brave – or more accurately foolhardy – pleas to Ma’am for more severity on previous occasions and during the day itself were met so I ended up going home with some redness on my behind, bruises in various quite intimate places and an angry-looking red line near my neck from Ma’am’s nails… which was worn with quite a bit of pride afterwards!

So to conclude, it was another wonderful day of submission for me and I really have to thank both Mistress Claire and my Beloved for their attentions throughout the day, as well as whoever it was playing with me whilst I was helpless and my dungeon companion Melanie, who gets an extra virtual hug since she’s going through quite a lot of stress right now. The next outing will be in just under five weeks, so I’ll have to think of something to post in order to fill the gap between now and the next report…!