New stockings

Not all of my recent little purchases have arrived, but a pair of wet look stockings popped through the letterbox so I decided to give them a try with my favourite heels (and a few other items) so here’s a little teaser image for the moment.

They’re something of a struggle to get on but oh dear goodness did seeing my legs in them have an effect on me! I’m really looking forward to getting dressed up for a photo session when the other items have arrived now.

System restart – please wait

So here we are again girls… the old version of this website was pretty much completely broken (mostly due to neglect on my part, although one of the plugins also gave up the ghost) so I’ve dropped the database and started completely from scratch with a new layout. I’m seeing it as something of a new start for me as well really, the last four or five years have been difficult for myself and my Beloved so Verity found herself going into hibernation with her things being put into “storage” . But I’ve been having something of a think about what I want from life over the last couple of months and being Verity is part of that, so a somewhat arbitrary deadline of October was set since there were a few other life changes due around then and here we are just a teensy bit ahead of schedule!

There are going to be a few changes though, most notable of which is that I plan to be submissive pretty much exclusively because, although switching was fun, it really isn’t me – this isn’t totally set in stone and I might perhaps be convinced with the right person, but that’ll need a little negotiation. I’ve also discovered an interest in corsetry and ordered my first, cheap one online to experiment further; rather joyously it arrived and turned out to be too big for me so a smaller one will be purchased at some point, but the current one does a reasonable job for the moment. A few other items have been ordered including a couple of gags (one has arrived and is in the header image) and some new gloves, so I’ll have to model them when everything has arrived.

I’m not entirely sure at this point where things are going from here… but hopefully it’ll be fun finding out!