Paging nurse Verity

Once again, last Thursday was spent in the company of my Beloved, the amazing Mistress Claire, Eric and lots of other lovely people at Quest in Leeds. About a week before I’d settled on dressing as a nurse – I have an authentic ward sister’s uniform purchased over the counter from a shop in town that sells work clothing amongst other things – and it got me quite a bit of attention from the other girls; I wore it with my corset, hold up stockings, heels and my favourite collar despite those not being regulation NHS attire! Mistress Claire told me that I looked very smart as I completely fluffed yet another curtsey before her… I need to work on those!

The first tie of the day was the now traditional one, sat on the kneeling bench with my hood and ring gag in place. My arms were secured behind me, then my ankles pulled apart and back before another rope was secured to the gag’s harness which pulled my head back into a wonderfully helpless and exposed position which I suffered for a short time until Mistress Claire decided to remove it. That torment was replaced by another however, when my little thing was tightly bound with some cord that Sweet Amy had mentioned having the previous month and graciously offered to bring along; along with some stimulation from Mistress Claire and Amy, it kept me excited for what I think was the best part of two hours (as noted previously, it’s very easy to lose track of time in these situations) until it was decided that I needed a rest.

After a quick break for a much needed drink, I was tied in the same general position but with just my gag harness in place, allowing me to watch what was happening around me in the dungeon; that included seeing Mistress Claire’s submissive Eric bound to the scaffolding and squirting by her hand after over three weeks of self-inflicted chastity! I also got to see him being teased by Vixen and being made to go down on her until Mistress Claire decided to add a hood to my ensemble; I lost track of time once more, but not long after being released the buffet was put out in the bar, so we made our way there and I was sent scurrying around to get plates of of food.

On returning to the dungeon I volunteered to wear Vixen’s doll mask because I know she likes seeing girls in it. It’s a rubber hood that makes the wearer look a little like a blow up doll with wide eyes and mouth holes and quite intense to wear but, because it zips at the back, I also suggested wearing my own hood beneath it to keep my hair in check so was blindfolded as well. I was strapped tightly to the cross with my arms tied behind me with rope and whilst there, Vixen caressed my hooded face for a while until she sadly had to leave for her train and it was removed. My Beloved and Mistress Claire then amused themselves by pinching me and, because I take a while to recover, there are half a dozen bruises on my inner thighs a week later!

Mistress Claire wanted to try something different next so, since there was a gym mat out by the scaffolding that Eric had been hogtied on previously, we tried to find a way to tie me to it whilst sitting since I’d just been standing on the cross. The best solution turned out to be with my legs crossed and bound together and each wrist tied to one of the vertical posts; a blindfold was added to that, then a hood and finally some ear defenders which meant I couldn’t see anything and only the louder sounds in the dungeon were audible. That was a fantastic sensation being so removed from what was going on around me, both arousing and strangely calming at the same time and I’d really like to try this again but perhaps with stricter bondage, a gag of some kind and perhaps my gas mask since that would block out more sound when paired with the ear defenders.

Another rest followed before I was put onto the cross for a second time, but with my wrists in the leather cuffs which held them out at around shoulder height rather than behind me; whilst being bound there was some “heckling” from the dungeon’s doorway as my Beloved and a girl I’d seen playing earlier in the day both started offering suggestions and, despite me merely responding politely to them, it was then decided that I was talking too much and Mistress Claire taped my mouth shut with duct tape before adding her own hood and then applying more tape to the contents of my knickers! Thankfully both areas are kept reasonably well shaven, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t painful when the tape was eventually removed especially the lower piece.

The final tie of the day was in one of the bedrooms where my arms were securely but comfortably bound by my sides and, after I’d laid down on the bed, my ankles, knees and feet were also restrained – the latter worked themselves free but the rest remained that way until it was the end of the evening and time to get changed. As we were getting ready to leave my Beloved decided to drop me in it one more time with Mistress Claire, claiming that I was a “chronic masturbator” and needed chastity! I denied this heinous accusation of course, but now I’m only allowed to ask Mistress Claire for her permission to cum once a week… and from past experience in these situations expect that I’ll be too shy to actually do so, meaning that at the time of writing I’m a week into what will probably end up being thirty days of chastity. It’s highly ironic that this is happening during National Masturbation Month (at least in America, I have no idea if that applies here!)

I’ve always tried to be honest about my emotions here, so will confess that my Beloved getting involved in such a way was at the time upsetting; we’d previously agreed that she wouldn’t and, although mulling over the idea of chastity, I didn’t feel anywhere near ready and had said as much. The result was that I became rather pathetically upset, returned that particular “favour” by upsetting my Beloved whilst sulking for over a day and, despite our making amends, I still feel unhappy about what I put her through; if Mistress Claire deems it appropriate next time we see each other, I will politely ask to be punished for my poor behaviour.

To finish I’d like to extend my thanks to everybody who was there last Thursday, especially the wonderful Mistress Claire for giving me so much of her attention throughout the day (many of the pictures she took whilst I was bound are in a gallery here, the more intimate ones are over at XHamster), my lovely dungeon companion Eric who I will miss next fourth Thursday since he can’t be there, Amy for bringing along the cord and taking advantage whilst I was helpless to resist and of course my Beloved… I’m still very sorry for how I’ve acted and love you.

A change of outfit

Last Thursday was the fourth of the month so my Beloved and I spent the day at Quest in Leeds, stopping off for breakfast along the way and arriving around eleven o’clock before the doors were even open! As always I was there to hand myself over to Mistress Claire for her amusement, who arrived shortly after we did and was wearing a leather dress that was remarkably distracting! Since I wanted to go for something other than my PVC French maid’s uniform this time, I’d settled on a shiny black, long-sleeved dress over my regular corset and, because it’s quite short and barely covers my pantied behind, wore it as a top with my PVC skater skirt and a corset-style belt; stockings, heels and my favourite collar completed the ensemble, although in hindsight I’ll probably wear the corset over the dress in future!

On heading to the dungeon, the first tie of the day had me seated on the kneeling bench (Eric was bound there later in the day and said it felt like he was sitting in my place… I have spent a lot of time there now I think about it!) but it didn’t go quite to plan; Mistress Claire wanted to try something different so originally had me sitting sideways on (turned to one side from the position in the photo above) but my joint problems made that painful after a frustratingly short period of time so, annoyingly, I needed to be released far too quickly to be retied facing forward. Yes, I expect the idea of stopping a bondage session because the submissive is in pain might seem unusual for some readers, but that kind of discomfort is very different to what us willing victims suffer to please our dominants whilst being spanked, flogged or caned!

After I spent a good amount of time in that second, more comfortable position I was released and, whilst Mistress Claire concentrated on Eric for a while – he was tied facing the cross for some discipline – I got talking to a young-looking lad called Danny who was hovering around in the dungeon’s doorway; a lot of people do this, although only a few are brave enough to actually enter and he was looking simultaneously interested and petrified! He talked about wanting to experience a spanking or perhaps more so, although I’m somewhat out of practise with our floggers, I spent a while giving him a rough idea of how they felt on his arm. And I actually used the “will you regret not asking tomorrow” line in an effort to persuade him to approach Mistress Claire which worked so, since he apparently had a good time, I’m quite pleased with myself for encouraging him!

Next I was bound to the cross with my arms behind me and a rope tied to the harness on my ring gag which forced my head backwards; that position wasn’t uncomfortable at least to begin with – it was more my legs that suffered, I can still feel some of the after effects in my calves three days later – but felt wonderfully restrictive so it was a pity that nobody took advantage of my helplessness; some of that will be down to Danny coming back for another thrashing, because I could hear the onlookers – presumably still in the doorway but it’s hard to be sure when blindfolded – reacting to the flogging he took.

After my release and some time to rest my legs, another abortive tie was started with me hooded and gagged whilst my upper body was bound and the lovely Vixen was sat nearby, running her hands over my legs and the contents of my knickers! The reason it was stopped was because the buffet had been put out and the three of us were hungry by that point (BDSM takes it out of a girl) but Danny came back for a third time and wanting to try the cross, so I went ahead to fetch a plate of food for Mistress Claire and waited in the bar until she had finished with him. After we’d eaten, it was back to the dungeon once more and my hood and gag went back on whilst I was bound again, with Vixen resuming her teasing of me as I stood helpless and becoming more so as Mistress Claire worked her magic. With my upper body and arms restrained, I was then led to the kneeling bench, where I sat down to be tied onto it again, before Vixen sat on my lap and spent some time caressing my hooded face and kissing me before she sadly had to leave.

I stayed there for a while longer and, when I’d been freed again and given some time to recover, Mistress Claire led me into one of the private rooms for a well-deserved spanking – guess who was silly enough to ask for a “severe” one and got exactly what she’d asked for – before we spent some time just talking and relaxing. The final ninety minutes or so – I never wear a watch and regularly lose track of time – was spent in bondage once more as Mistress Claire used me to practise a couple of ties; annoyingly, I can’t remember what the first was but the second was the dragonfly sleeve shown in the picture below which was followed by a karada, a body harness which also secures the arms by the sides. All three were wonderfully restrictive whilst still comfortable, and I was also led around on the corridors of the club Mistress Claire’s chain still restrained by the latter… only for us to find that most of the people had left already!

So that meant it was time to be leaving ourselves and, after changing quickly and saying our goodbyes, my Beloved and I headed off into the night. Once more I need to offer my sincerest thanks to Mistress Claire for graciously spending so much time both binding me and taking pictures of my helplessness, as well as thanking my Beloved, Eric, Vixen and everybody else who was present for what was yet another brilliant day of en femme bondage.

Dungeons get cold in February!

Last Thursday was another wonderful day spent in the company of Mistress Claire in the dungeon at Quest in Leeds. My Beloved and I arrived around midday and, after saying hello to a few people at the bar and signing Dave’s birthday card, I disappeared with my bag of tricks into the changing room. It occurs to me thinking about it now that my outfit has been rather… predictable since last October, with only minor variations on the accessories worn with the PVC French maid’s uniform, 4” heels and corset so I will have to mix things up next time? Anyway, tangents aside and, after a little nervous faffing about in an attempt to get my apron straight, I quite timidly my way to the dungeon where Mistress Claire was already hard at work, wearing a gorgeous, eye-catching PVC outfit.

We talked a little about options before getting started – there isn’t a bed in that room for things like hogties and being bound on the industrial-style metal floor would look brilliant in pictures but is too uncomfortable for long term bondage – and Mistress Claire decided that I would be tied to the rather formidable-looking cross. There are actually two crosses leaning against each other with a gap between them so, after removing my heels, applying my harness ring gag and standing with my back to it, my wrists were tied behind me and my upper body bound with more rope. Thick leather straps fastened to the cross itself were bucked into place around my waist and upper legs before more rope work was added to hold my ankles firmly in place. Since they’re held apart, this position can be a little taxing on the legs after a while but the cross itself is well padded and I was comfortable even when my Beloved began nipping at my inner thighs! There were also a couple of girls who wanted to know me more… erm, intimately whilst I was helpless like that, in fact I didn’t find out for sure who one of them was but she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself!

After what Mistress Claire felt was a suitable period, I was released and allowed to take a small break at the bar for a drink – being gagged for extended periods is thirsty work – before returning to her in the dungeon where she was now busy seeing to her collared submissive Eric so it fell to her newly deputised assistant Sarah, dressed in a lovely light grey business suit, to restrain me. I was placed under the scaffolding where a chain looped over the top was then attached to my collar, leather cuffs applied and chained to keep my arms apart and my ankles were also strapped together initially (I believe with Eric’s collar but could be wrong) until I was temporarily released to fetch and add my ring gag over Mistress Claire’s hood before she applied a more restrictive version of this position which saw me balancing on my stockinged toes to avoid the collar cutting off my breathing! Don’t worry girls, we’re all very responsible so that position was only for some pictures and, once those were taken, the chain to my collar was slackened but I did find the experience simultaneously exciting and quite scary.

After a second break I returned once more to Mistress Claire’s side and, because I always try to be a good girl, felt the need to confess some naughtiness which earnt me a well-deserved and harsh but also blissfully enjoyable over-the-knee spanking; usually I don’t like being punished because, logically, it means I’ve done something wrong so it’s tempting to say something glib like “I’ll have to be naughty more often” but that simply wouldn’t be true. With my poor bum now reddened, I watched Eric being bound to one of the vertical parts of the scaffolding and his… [blush] intimate area being tied as well (because I have a “no naughty bits” policy for this blog, a couple of pictures with both of us in shot are included in the extended version of the gallery at my XHamster profile) before I was bound in a sitting position with my arms behind me and my ankles pulled apart and back.

Unfortunately, my poor circulation meant that I couldn’t be kept in this position for too long and needed to be released so, since it was nearly time for the buffet to be served, I was led to the club’s bar on Mistress Claire’s sturdy, heavy chain and given the task of gathering a plate of food… only to get into trouble with my Beloved because I wasn’t doing the same for her! Some days it’s just not possible for a girl like me to avoid trouble it seems. After the food and another drink I was led back to the dungeon where the next tie was similar to the one before, except that Mistress Claire wasn’t going to be directly overseeing me for a while and I was hooded but not gagged should I need assistance.

So whilst I was sitting there I got talking with the lovely Louise who, I believe at least, has an interest in BDSM and bondage so we spent some time discussing it; she also tried being dominant with me too which was very nice, especially when she kissed me. Also playing in the dungeon at the time was Mistress Robynn – I’ll apologise if the use of the title is incorrect in advance – who amused herself by tormenting me a little; one thing she did that I’ve never tried before was a little breath play, just a tiny amount but, as with the time spent on tiptoes under the scaffolding, enough to be quite scary when restrained. I would like to try more breath play in the future I think, but just typing that left me feeling nervous!

To round off the day, Mistress Claire took me to one of the bedrooms because, after a second very firm and enjoyable spanking this time lying on the bed with my legs on the floor, she wanted to try some Shibari on me. As noted previously, my memory can be a little scrambled after these events (partly because it’s not particularly reliable to begin with, but the entire afternoon and evening are spent in various heightened states which only confuses things further) but I believe she used a box tie on me; this was my first real experience with this style of bondage and it was very secure but surprisingly comfortable as well.

And because time had flown by quite alarmingly fast, we were at the end of the evening by this point;, after I was released and we relaxed and talked a little it was, sadly, time to get changed back into my boy clothes so my Beloved and I could head home. As always, I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to Mistress Claire for so much of her time, attention and photography, as well as to my Beloved, Robynn, Sarah, Louise, Eric and everyone else at Quest for what was a fantastic day. My memory has possibly put some of the events above in the wrong order, if that’s happened I can only apologise, accept any punishment due and try my hardest not to let it happen in future!