Non-specific December greetings

I wasn’t sure if Mistress Claire would be able to make the last Quest TV event of 2016 but fortunately she was; my Beloved had wanted to attend because it was to be a Christmas event (very few people dressed for the occasion and I’m not particularly fond of the “festive season” myself so my only concession was a “bah humbug” hat) so, pausing at McDonalds for breakfast, we made our way to the club. I’d decided to wear my black PVC maid’s uniform, corset and the black 4″ heels with ankle straps – which reminds me, I’ve been saying that I want another pair of black court shoes so talking about it here might actually wedge that thought into my long term memory – although I did completely forget to put my favourite collar on whilst getting changed and dressing as a maid but forgetting the collar feels a little… well, odd really!

Before we started, I needed to apologise to Mistress Claire because my previous report was shockingly late. This apology took place in the dungeon with her sitting on the padded top of the cage whilst I knelt before her on the hard metal floor and stumbled over my words a little whilst trying to get across how sorry I was. Thankfully she was in a good mood so, whilst I was to be punished and quite rightly so, Ma’am was more forgiving than I could have hoped for. Despite the discomfort of the floor I did enjoy kneeling before my Mistress like that and, thinking about it now, it’s not something she often insists on… perhaps I need to volunteer more often?

To begin with, Mistress Claire moved the kneeling bench into one of the corners and I was bound to it before being hooded and having my panel ball gag applied; I was left that way for quite a while, unable to move, see or speak but feeling relaxed as well whilst listening to what was happening around me. Ma’am has previously experimented with the new bondage chair that Quest added to their dungeon and wanted to try a few things so, after being released, I soon found myself suffering a teensy amount of discomfort whilst sitting with my legs open and restrained by the leather straps as my wrists were bound with rope to tethering points on the chair and my Lycra hood and ball gag applied again.

One of the dungeon’s visitors that day was Jemma, who hadn’t previously been tied up but, whilst understandably nervous, wanted to experience it. She took my place on the bondage chair and, once securely strapped and tied down, was fondled through her knickers by Ma’am for a while until I was ordered to take over and then kiss her whilst doing so. I possibly don’t come across as shy but in many respects I am so snogging someone who couldn’t get away from me was an unusual experience! Once Jemma had been released I was bound again, this time with my arms behind me so that I could be led around the club by Mistress Claire and, when we returned to the dungeon my legs were also bound to render me immobile once more. I stayed in this position for a little while until we heard that the buffet had been put out, although by the time I’d been freed a lot of the food had already been eaten!

Next Mistress Claire wanted some rope practise and I happily stood as she applied a Dragon tie to my upper body; the result was quite strict but still comfortable; there was a crotch rope as well which made moving around a little more interesting. The small kneeling stool was my next destination before my knees were bound together and a blindfold and my gag applied; having Mistress Claire press herself against me whilst she worked on the ropes binding me to the chair was a wonderful experience and I was then left in my own little world for a while with just the crotch rope and Ma’am’s occasional but painful attention.

We had another quick rest once I was released and then retired to one of the bedrooms with Jemma; Ma’am had decided that I was only there to observe and therefore bound my wrists behind me, so I was left to one side on the bed as Mistress Claire and Jemma got to know each other more intimately. We were there quite a while and I suspect this uncomfortable position might have been part of my punishment for being late with the report but, once they’d finished getting to know each other, I was freed and taken back into the dungeon and bound over the small kneeling stool so that a more physical form of discipline that left marks could be delivered – Ma’am also drew a couple of crosses on my behind with a marker pen to help with her aim in the low light of the dungeon! I know that she wasn’t in a particularly sadistic mood that day so I got off quite lightly all told, although it didn’t feel like that during the punishment itself and I squirmed around in my restraints… although with that said, there’s a part of me that occasionally dreams of suffering until she cries but the rest of me is trying to gag her!

By that point it was quite late in the day and, since I’d remained chaste for two weeks before seeing Mistress Claire but hadn’t been given any release… well, I rather selfishly asked! She said that she hadn’t planned on doing it but (at which point I think my heart might have skipped a beat) but agreed – presumably due to the almost pathetically desperate look on my face – and secured me to the bondage chair for a second time before letting me squirt and taking a final, post orgasmic picture as I sat there, bound and exposed. And that was the last act of the day, so to finish this report I must thank Mistress Claire for dealing with me whilst being wonderful as always and my Beloved because it’s never quite the same when she isn’t there to wander into the dungeon to tease me whilst I’m helpless! And thanks to all of the people at Quest that day for making it an enjoyable event.