Further thoughts on chastity

As regular visitors to this blog will have noticed, I’m not the kind of girl who shares her deepest, darkest thoughts on this blog a lot (and to be honest, I want to post more frequently but I haven’t really settled on what to write about just yet) but at the moment I need to let off a little steam about my current situation because, basically, I’ve messed up. My Beloved and I spent the start of August away and, since I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of abusing myself during that time for various reasons, I spent the week chaste only to realise just before we left that we wouldn’t be back until after my regular two weeks of chastity for Mistress Claire was due to start! So there’s been an completely self-inflicted extra week on my sentence this time which has amused Mistress and my Beloved no end, especially since desperation usually sets in before the end of the second week.

The problem is that I can’t think about anything apart from… well, the deviant version of sex I usually indulge in. This last weekend was particularly hard – if you’ll excuse the “pun” – to the point where I began wearing my CB6000S for some of the time in order to stop my hands from wandering so that I could get some bloody work done! And I’ll be totally honest girls, if I could actually wear the accursed thing for longer periods it would probably have been locked in place for over a week and a half by this point. (The picture below was isn’t recent, it was taken when someone I was chatting to on Facebook wanted to see me in chastity.)

There were a couple of particularly frustrating moments where a private message to Mistress begging to make a pathetic, sticky puddle was nearly written but I managed to stay at least quite strong. But whilst the chastity device stopped my hands wandering it didn’t have much effect on my mind which has been conjuring up all sorts of torments and tortures for me to suffer, a few of which came as a surprise to me but, since I have a confession to make when kneeling before Mistress Claire as regards those naughty thoughts, I won’t go into detail just for the moment.

But with the aforementioned work out of the way last night I have nothing important to do between today and Thursday morning when I see Mistress, so right now it’s all about distracting myself; I’ve never previously had a BirchPlace profile so that seemed like something to do and then I spent some time tinkering with this website to add links to a couple of blogs written by Cinnamon and Alice which I’ve found very interesting. Now I need a few other tasks to keep myself occupied… my outfit for Thursday is ready – there’s a “back to school” theme at Quest and my Beloved found me a school uniform costume online which I’ll be wearing for that – dressing up as a schoolie isn’t making a statement to a Mistress who enjoys canes, is it?