Extra waitress work

I’ve recently had a change of circumstance which, generally speaking, means that I have the pleasure of seeing Mistress Claire more than once a month if her very busy schedule allows for it! So on the second Thursday of the month I happily trundled across Leeds with the toy bag to Quest. I’d planned to wear my waitress uniform and large apron, but whilst I was getting changed one of the straps on said apron broke, but fortunately I had my pink satin uniform in the toy bag as a spare – there’s always the chance of an “accident” – so that loaned me its apron for the session and I have to ask my Beloved to look at the broken one (and possibly look for a second option online).

Mistress, of course, looked wonderful in her long leather dress and, after we’d said hello and I curtseyed for her, we entered the dungeon and she decided that the first position of the day was to be facing the cross for a little warming up; she also wanted to try something she’d seen done recently to bind my wrists so spent a little while trying different things until my hands ended up in front of me and bound at around head height. Then she turned her attention to my bottom and spanked it as a warm-up before switching to a leather strap. I can receive more pain these days than I used to be able to stand and am developing a deeper love/hate relationship with that accursed strap, but still adore the intimacy of a hand spanking from Mistress and it always feels wonderful.

The next position after a short rest saw me perched rather precariously on the end of the arched bench with my legs apart, wrists pulled down to keep my arms by my sides and, whilst I was being immobilised, my shiny hood and ring gag were applied as well.; this left me vulnerable and constantly feeling like I’d slip forward and fall off, although that never happened. As I’ve noted previously it’s relaxing for me to be in long-term bondage and I was kept there for a while – I have no idea how long under those circumstances of course – since a male submissive who had arranged to meet Mistress arrived after I was restrained and she spent some time tying him t the throne and then dealing with him whilst I just sat there and listened.

Next, I was ordered back onto the cross, facing out this time so that my arms could be bound behind me and Mistress could indulge in a little CBT by tying my naughty bits up and running the other end of that rope upwards to my collar. Once this was in place she proceeded to both tease and strap me, so any pain applied was occasionally augmented as my head involuntarily went back and pulled on the rope! That’s a rather cruel predicament, but Mistress seemed to enjoy it and that means it’s enjoyable if somewhat uncomfortable for me as well. My stockinged feet were also beaten which was something of a surprise, I didn’t expect it to be quite that painful!

The lovely Miss Sarah arrived in the dungeon wearing a grey suit and blouse and, after the three of us chatted a little, announced that she had something for me in her bag – not an ominous thing to hear from someone dominant at all – which turned out to be a pair of handcuffs which were used to lock my wrists together behind my back! I was then led over to the scaffolding, hooded and ball gagged before a rope was run upwards from my collar and my legs were pulled apart and tied into place. I was then tormented by Miss Sarah with a leather strap – it wasn’t the easiest position to reach my behind – and, after the gag was removed, a dildo was used on my mouth whilst Miss Sarah and Mistress both commented on how much I could take. Mistress Claire then produced her strap-on which had a larger dildo and my skills were further tested, ending up with the harness being partially pulled over my head so the dildo was held tightly in place.

This use of my mouth continued after all three of us had made our way to a room, with me being handcuffed and my elbows bound quite tightly together before the shiny hood and ring gag were applied. Miss Sarah then alternated between using my mouth for her own pleasure and returning the favour as it were and both of us had an orgasm with me being allowed to do so first. On returning to the dungeon Mistress Claire told me that she wanted some pictures for somebody she’d been talking to online of her in the process of face sitting; I was hardly going to complain about being the recipient of that of course and Miss Sarah kindly took pictures for us, in fact she was very thorough so I was pinned down beneath Mistress Claire for quite a while and no, that really isn’t a complaint at all!

Then it was time for my regular punishment, the one Mistress likes me to beg for each time I see her; I was told to stand facing the throne and then tied into position with wrists bound to tethering points where the seat met the back and my legs apart against the frame, forcing me to bend over and present myself, a position only enhanced by the rope from my collar down to the base of the chair. Once helpless the punishment began – with hand spankings and the split cane being the most memorable – until I was told that there would be twenty strokes of the cane and that after every I would count and thank Mistress. Each stroke was harsher than the preceding one and, whilst I didn’t lose count, getting the words out clearly became more difficult but I made it to the end eventually.

Once freed and nursing a bruised bum I was ordered to worship Mistress Claire’s feet as she sat on the end of the arched bench; I’ve mentioned previously how enjoyable I find this – at some point I’d like to find out if my new foot fetish extends to other girls or is purely due to the owner of the feet – and, because kneeling meant I wasn’t close enough to do the job properly, ended up lying on the dungeon floor in order to best please her. Mistress and I then retired to one of the rooms for a little while so that I could perform what I’ll rather blushingly call some more intimate worship before leaving the rest to the reader’s imagination.

On returning to the dungeon, I watched as Mistress gave another girl a spanking over the kneeling bench before she decided to do a little rope practice on me and bound my arms securely behind me in a comfortable but restrictive armbinder. Another girl entered the dungeon wanting to be spanked whilst I was bound so I caught up with the lovely Roxy whilst we both watched Mistress Claire at work for a while before we realised that seven hours had simply flown past and it was nearly time to go home. I was released, quickly got changed – surprising a few people in the changing rooms including Roxy with the marks that I’d accumulated on my bum during the course of the day – and said goodbye to Mistress and everyone else left in the club.

My thanks as always go to Mistress Claire for a brilliant time in service to her and to Miss Sarah who I believe was the first person to use my ring gag and indeed me in the manner it was intended! Further thanks have to go to my Beloved – who sadly couldn’t be but, hopefully, will be able to go on the 23rd of November or perhaps for the Christmas event – and indeed to everybody else at Quest. The pictures from this session can be found in the appropriate gallery.