A busy day maiding for Mistress Claire

The 23rd of November was a number of things; as well as being the all-day party at Quest – my Beloved was able to come as well which is wonderful – and another opportunity to serve Mistress Claire it was, although I didn’t mention it to anybody, sort of my birthday… or more accurately Doctor Who day since the first episode was broadcast on that day in 1963. Since my femme name is a reference to the show’s first producer and I don’t actually like birthdays, all of my profiles give that day rather than my actual date of birth.

Putting my bizarre “issues” with celebratory events aside – please don’t get me started on the one coming up in just over three weeks, I’ll be probably disappearing from the internet around that time – I’d decided on my PVC maid’s uniform this time since it hasn’t had an outing for a while so, after changing and trying to get my hair to behave, I made my way to the bar and curtseyed before the wonderful Mistress Claire. After a quick drink, we entered the dungeon and I was ordered to kneel and confess what I’d been doing over the last two weeks; that didn’t make for entertaining listening I’m sure, but because I tried to keep to the “edited highlights” I got myself into a little trouble.

So to begin with Mistress bound me over the kneeling bench and, after some warming up with her hand and then a leather strap, she produced a recently-purchased Cat O Nine Tails; this was the first time I’d experienced one and, despite being similar in design to a flogger, there are barbs at the end of the tails which make it a far more painful toy. For some reason I struggled to take the pain, although I don’t know why so the Cat proved difficult and the cane which followed afterwards was even harder still to the point I was begging and eventually used my safeword – I’m sure that was disappointing for Mistress because it certainly felt that way for me.

After a little more suffering I was released and then bound to the cross for a while, facing away from it with my arms back and my legs together, still in heels which made it more uncomfortable even before Mistress started using her various implements on me. What she had in mind next saw me standing under the scaffolding with my arms tied out on each side; this was a little uncomfortable but, along with my hood and ring gag, Mistress proceeded to make it harder still by pulling my ankles apart and securing them as well. This position proved to be quite difficult especially still wearing my high heels – my calves ached for a few days afterwards – but I’d just about found my balance when something was unexpectedly pushed deep into my open mouth by Mistress who proceeded to roughly push it in and out. I didn’t find out until later that it was a butt plug!

After some tormenting I was untied and led over to the cross with my hood, gag and the plug still in place at least until I accidentally dropped the latter whilst being moved. My Beloved entered the dungeon and joined in with tormenting me for a while until Mistress thought it would be amusing to take me down and have me kneel in front of my Beloved as she sat on the throne, keeping my wrists bound behind me and my hood on which was accessorised with a double ended dildo gag. I couldn’t see much more than vague shapes due to the hood, but apparently the position wasn’t right for the gag to be used in the way it was intended so I instead spent time suffering the metal floor on my knees and that rubber dildo in my mouth.

My Beloved decided to find further entertainment elsewhere in the club so it was back to the cross for me, but not for long because a woman called Mistress Ann had been observing for a while at the doorway (or at least I think she was there, the hood had been on for quite a while by that point) and Mistress offered me to her; I was untied and, without my hood or the dildo gag being removed, was led over to the kneeling bench by her where I was spanked, paddled and flogged – she wasn’t particularly harsh with me despite some encouragement, although there were a few moments where my hair was pulled at the same time which were heavenly so I hope Mistress Ann was suitably entertained by my reactions.

Mistress wanted a little rope practice and decided that she wanted me to learn some of the basics as well because in future she wants me to be able to help out with some of the basic bondage when things get busy in Quest’s dungeon. That idea does feel more than a little… well, odd since I’m very much in “submissive mode” with her, but I’m willing to try my best to please Mistress Claire and was shown a few techniques. One in particular seems simple enough that I should be able to both remember and execute it, although I didn’t get a chance to practise on the day and my home office is in the process of being dismantled right now with all of the bondage gear stored away, but hopefully I’ll get a chance to practise in a week or so when things return to “normal”.

The next position was tied to the throne with two of the three D rings on my collar used to keep my head quite still whilst the third was attached to my wrists to keep them up and helpless. My elbows were also bound to the metal poles at the sides of the throne before my ankles were secured, then Mistress Claire produced one of her worn stockings to go over my head – she had planned on gagging me before that was applied but I asked for the stocking first, which meant some of it was pushed into my mouth when the gag was applied – and this look was finished with a headscarf and then a blindfold.

Whilst I was being restrained Mistress Lucia, Mistress Hastings and Stacy arrived in the dungeon and the latter was promptly bent over the kneeling bench; once I was helpless however, it was decided that Stacy should go down on me but, although that was very enjoyable, I was told that it didn’t come without a price so my thighs were slapped as she worked. After some time it was decided that I’d had enough pleasure which was a little frustrating of course but, after I’d been left for a while, Mistress Lucia did spend some time teasing me. When I was freed and Stacy was bound on the throne in my place, I was told that she deserved some pleasure in return for what I’d received and I’m more than willing to return that kind of favour – hopefully Stacy enjoyed it too.

Audrey Anne had arrived by this point and had been given the task of servicing a girl on the cross before Mistress decide that she wanted her doing the same thing to me, so I ended up sitting untied on throne with her head between my legs; it was an interesting experience, but Audrey Anne is so easily distracted so I wasn’t exactly the focus of her attention most of the time and, as tabloid journalists used to say, eventually I made my excuses when one of the Mistresses wanted to know if the wall-mounted fan worked; me being the tallest girl there even without my heels on prodded some of the buttons to find out for her, but it didn’t have any power.

The lovely Brian put his head around the door to inform us that the food was being put out so, whilst Mistress was busy releasing Audrey Anne, I made my way into the bar and gathered three plates of food for us. After we’d eaten, Mistress told me that she was going into one of the rooms to deal with a submissive girl who I believe was called Claire, so I sat atop the cage in the dungeon to await her return; Mistress Lucia, Stacy and a man were there having a rest as well, and we ended up involved in an interesting conversation about the BDSM lifestyle which covered quite a bit of ground.

When the others moved to a private room I occupied myself for a while with a little dungeon maiding and, after cleaning the kneeling bench down, popped some empty cans and bottles I found on the floor into the bin; I’m not domestic in the slightest and will no doubt have noted that previously, but I do like to be helpful. Mistress returned with Claire around the time I was finishing up and the latter was tied to the throne before I was given the order to go down on her only to be surprised by how well endowed she was almost to the point of choking. That’s completely worthwhile if the person I’m pleasing enjoys the attention and she did at least seem to.

Mistress then wanted to take Audrey Anne and I for a walk around the club on her chain and, after a little exploration, we ended up in the bar area; I asked to be excused for a while to make sure that my Beloved was okay since she was lying on one of the sofas – she was merely tired, but I do worry and wanted to be sure – and Mistress decided to tie Audrey Anne up on the bar floor in what I believe was a loose hogtie. When I returned to Mistress she bound me next to Audrey Anne as well, sitting on a stool afterwards so that she could amuse herself by covering our faces with her stockinged foot. I was also treated to a little face sitting whilst lying there helplessly, something I’ve really started to enjoy when allowed to.

My punishment was due so we returned to the dungeon and I was bound over the kneeler. As with the caning earlier in the day, for some reason I was really struggling to take pain but at least managed to count twenty strokes for Mistress and thank her for them. I really don’t know why it was a problem and, thinking back now, am still a little upset that I couldn’t take more. Finally, I was bout for an orgasm although that didn’t go to plan either and no matter how hard Mistress Claire tried I didn’t cum. She’s of the opinion I had an accidental, nocturnal emission at some point when I was chaste – I think the mark that I later found down there might have contributed to the problem, although goodness alone knows where it came from because I don’t remember – and made me deal with myself as it were, which was more than a little embarrassing and, although desperation meant it happened, the shy part of me cringes thinking about doing it like that…

After I’d cleaned my little mess up it was time to pack everything away, get changed, say our farewells and head off into the night. To finish I’d like to thank Mistress Claire for another wonderful day in service to her and my Beloved; it was so nice to have her there. My thanks also to Mistress Ann, Mistress Hastings, Mistress Lucia, Stacy, Claire and Audrey Anne – my apologies if I’ve misspelt any of your names – all of whom it was a pleasure to share the dungeon with. I was so pleased to receive all manner of compliments regarding my conduct throughout the day and one about my legs too! The pictures from the day can be found in their gallery and my next outing will be in just under three weeks for the Christmas event, but I have no idea what to wear for that although I do have a black Santa hat that says “bah humbug”.

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