About Me

Maiding in October 2015

Your hostess, Verity

Hello! I’m Verity Bernice Lambert, a 6ft tall transvestite girl living in Leeds with my Beloved who has some surprisingly geeky tendencies and a huge kink for bondage, discipline, fetish and uniforms (that’s me in the photo wearing my favourite PVC French maid uniform with a 9cm locking dildo gag, harness ring gag, locking cuffs and shoes). I pretty much originated during a spot of “forced” feminisation that happened at a Leeds munch way back in September 2001 during which i was originally christened Daphne; I say the feminisation was “forced” because, as has been pointed out by most of the people who saw what happened and even more since, there really wasn’t much of a fight put up at my end! My final forename was settled on by a committee of Mistresses at a play party later that year and I chose my surname because i’m a huge Doctor Who fan and the sadly missed Verity Lambert OBE was the first producer of said show.

I tend to find myself drawn towards fetishwear generally and i have a particular passion for uniforms; i have a navy blue nurse’s uniform that I love wearing, want to find a reasonably cheap but authentic nun’s habit and my PVC French maid uniform is probably my all-time favourite. I favour hold-up stockings and absolutely can’t resist high heels, both for myself and on other girls. My favourite colours for clothes are purple or black and preferably shiny, although I’d like to try the sissy pink look at some point and would probably beg on my knees for a wedding dress! I’m just getting into corsets as well but that’s an area which needs much further exploration.

And I’m submissive, which means that in a Domme/sub relationship I’m the one on the receiving end of the punishment, humiliation, bondage or whatever else the other person wants to do. My interests include (but certainly aren’t limited to) restrictive bondage, handcuffs (I have a pair of police issue Speedcuffs which I adore being in), hoods and masks, most kinds of gag, collars and leashes, “forced” sexual acts, occasionally humiliation depending on the person I’m with, being photographed or videoed, some pain play and generally being controlled by dominant transvestites. And no, I’m simply not interested in men be they dominant or otherwise so there is nothing to be said that will change that.

I’m also an avid player of video games, although I tend to shy away from mainstream gaming and instead enjoy independently-developed titles; I’m also very keen on retro gaming and in particular the 8-bit home computer era of the 1980s, so anybody wanting to talk should consider themselves forewarned that the subject of games will probably come up at some point in the conversation and to expect regular and highly obscure gaming references too! And that’s pretty much me really, or at least the bits I’ve managed to remember whilst writing the page – I’m happy to answer questions, so please get in touch!