Tis the season to be bondaged

Before we get to the report itself, regular visitors may have noticed that some of the pictures from this session are more explicit than usual; this website is now labelled as “mature” via SafeLabeling.org or, more accurately, it has been for a few months but the meta tags disappeared when the theme was last updated and I’ve had to find a plug-in which can act as a more permanent solution. And with that duly noted, we now return you to our scheduled programming.

The 21st of December was the Quest Christmas party so my Beloved and I braved the cold winter air, only pausing at McDonald’s for breakfast along the way and nipping into Superdrug because I needed some stockings. Since I’m not as noted previously exactly enamoured with the festive season, rather than dressing up accordingly I instead decided on a shiny bodycon dress over my almost omnipresent corset, adding a PVC skater skirt and wide belt since the dress itself is too short on me. This outfit was initially accessorised with a black Santa hat which bore the legend “bah humbug”, but that didn’t last for very long in part because it would have got in the way!

Mistress Claire was looking amazing in a very fetching shiny black dress and had recently received a new toy so I was ordered to bend over the kneeling bench so she had a target to test it on. I’m not actually sure what to call it – I think it was a tawse of some flavour, the low light of the dungeon and my failing eyesight mean I didn’t get a proper look – but it stung quite a bit even when used relatively lightly. Whilst I was there as her willing victim Mistress took the opportunity to use a couple of other implements on my behind, culminating with ten strokes of the cane which I had to count and thank her for.

Once I was allowed off the kneeling bench Mistress Claire decided to tie me to the throne; I was told to remove my knickers before being restrained and my now exposed intimate area was tightly secured to the O ring at the throne’s base, Mistress went looking through my bag for a gag and instead found a pair of old stockings. The ring gag was then located but, after it was applied, one of the stockings was pulled over my head as well to hold it tightly in place before duct tape was wrapped around my eyes as a blindfold and the second stocking added and tied to the back of the throne.

Now pretty much completely immobile, Mistress amused herself by teasing and tormenting me for a while, and since I couldn’t see what was happening it came as something of a surprise when she produced a marker pen of some kind and proceeded to write on my upper thighs and chest just below the neck! Despite not being able to see I worked out that the body writing said “slut” and no doubt blushed under the two layers of stockings. Things became significantly more uncomfortable when a couple of clamps were applied to a finger on each hand and I was left in my nylon prison to suffer.

During a recent reorganising at home, I’d discovered a posture collar so it had been added to the toy bag. Mistress Claire had also discovered it whilst looking for my hood and gag during the previous tie and was taken with the idea of using it on me, so it was strapped into place before my arms were bound behind me and the panel ball gag added. My old stockings were then used again, this time as a blindfold and, whilst my Beloved sat on the throne, I stood there as she played with my nether regions. Another girl joined in at one point – I have no idea who she was and didn’t even get a chance to thank her – smacking my arse and then reaching around to slap me somewhere far more intimate and sensitive, slowly increasing the strength of each blow to the point where I was literally going more than a little weak at the knees.

Sadly my right shoulder had been playing up in the weeks beforehand and the painkillers I usually take had worn off, leaving me in quite a bit of discomfort and needing to safeword out of that particular tie. Once I’d had a chance to down some ibuprofen and rest a little, my hands were bound behind me in a way that didn’t put as much stress on that joint before I again found myself helplessly tied to the throne with my Lycra hood and tube gag in place. I was teased a little whilst there but mostly left to my own devices for a while.

Miss Vixen entered the dungeon at this point and, once I’d been released, I was ordered to kneel and go down on her whilst she sat on top of the cage; I lost track of time, but we were there for a while before Miss Vixen said that she wanted to take me into one of the rooms so, after I asked Mistress Claire for permission, that’s what we did. To begin with she had me kissing and licking her boots amongst other things but it didn’t take long before she produced a hood I hadn’t previously seen which was PVC on the outside with a rubber lining and only a single opening which allowed me to serve her orally again during the times she wasn’t slapping my face or sitting on it!

Mistress had a girl tied to the throne and was teasing her when I returned to the dungeon, so had me sit on the floor to serve orally whilst she played with the girl’s nipples. This went on for a while until I was ordered over the kneeling bench to count and thank her for another ten from the cane, before a very sound but enjoyable spanking was administered all as the girl watched. After that she was released and left the dungeon, leaving Mistress and I to spend what was left of that afternoon being rather intimate which was very nice. I was fortunate enough to be played with during that time as well but unable to climax again, something I’m beginning to worry about somewhat – I’m really hoping it’s not down to the chastity – before the club’s main lights came up to signal that we had to start getting ready to leave.

Once more my heartfelt thanks have to go to Mistress Claire for a wonderful day, as well as to my Beloved – who thoughtfully saved me a plate of food when the buffet I didn’t even know was due came out – and Miss Vixen. I’d also like to thank the two girls whose names I sadly didn’t catch – I can only apologise once more if they happen to be reading – and everybody else who made the day so enjoyable.