The witching hour

Having taken the previous month off due to illness – I was struck down by a nasty cold literally the day before September’s all day party – the fourth Thursday of October really took it’s time to arrive! On the day of the Quest party I scurried across Leeds with my bag of toys in tow, desperate to see Mistress Claire and, since the event’s theme was Halloween, I’d packed the witches dress that my Beloved had found for me last year. After getting changed I met Mistress in the bar looking fabulous in her long leather dress and, after greeting her and curtseying, we made our way to the dungeon where I knelt to beg for her canes should she see fit.

As a warm up Mistress had me bending over the cage as she used a leather strap on my behind, starting light but building up over time until it was a struggle to keep still; just as it seemed to be getting too much for me, I was led over to the kneeling bench where my wrists were tied together behind me and pulled upwards, leaving me with a little room to wiggle but ultimately unable to avoid the strap when it recommenced. A group of girls entered the dungeon around this time and one who has previously played with me whilst I was restrained (I don’t know her name, something of a frustrating trend for this post) trapped my head between her PVC-clad thighs as I was beaten, an unusual experience to say the least!

The next tie was to the throne with my wrists bound to the chair back and my ankles secured apart. This proved uncomfortable because I couldn’t sit too far back with my arms in that position and moving too far forward was a problem because I’d start to slip off the already precarious seat – I found out as Mistress tormented me that it was actually possible to sit all the way back at least for short periods of time though! I was released because Mistress was expecting another submissive called Samantha who hadn’t arrived yet, so she needed to get her mobile phone from her car and didn’t want to leave me there. I found myself standing in the club’s doorway whilst she was out and it’s been a very long time since I’ve been even that far outside whilst dressed so I felt a little bit of a thrill… although Rassilon alone knows what the electrician working by the club’s door thought of the six foot tall transvestite witch in heels!

Since there’s only the one kneeling bench left in the Quest dungeon now, Mistress wanted to experiment with ways of using it to replace the removed furniture. Because of that I found myself sitting on top where my upper body would usually be, having my ankles and thighs tied in place before Mistress bound my wrists and started hoisting them up in a way that forced me to lean forwards. That position constantly felt like I was going to fall forwards even though the rational part of me knew the ropes on my legs would prevent that happening and I was more than grateful when I was hooded and gagged, that meant I merely had to deal with the physical stresses of the position.

There was at this point a girl called Debby who is dominant and was interested in playing; Mistress offered me for her amusement and Debby said that she wanted to use her own riding crop so disappeared for a few minutes in order to fetch it. When she returned I was ordered over the cage for the second time before Debby set to work with her weapon of choice; she was quite strict and made me thank her for each round of blows, but not particularly harsh and I found it rather enjoyable. Hopefully, Debby found it satisfying to crop me, although she’d moved on to something else before I could ask!

I sat down on the cage to watch Mistress playing with Samantha, but the girl in the PVC catsuit (and I really must ask her name next time) came over with the intention of fondling me; for some reason, my instinct in that situation was to put my hands behind my back as she ran her hands up my thighs and kissed me, so she was surprised to find after a few minutes that I wasn’t actually bound! Mistress soon fixed that by tying my hands behind me and the caressing continued, ultimately ending up with me kneeling before her. And, whilst I’d been occupied, another girl in a floral dress had been tied tightly to throne by Mistress so I was ordered to pleasure her orally; I started out kneeling with my head between her thighs as the girl was ball gagged and then blindfolded, but had to change position because the metal floor made it too uncomfortable.

By the time I’d finished, one of the regular girls was being taken over the kneeling bench which was still positioned under the scaffolding where we’d moved it earlier; Mistress decided to bind my hands behind me and I was then secured to the scaffolding with my legs apart near to where this was happening before being hooded and gagged. All I could do was listen to the noises nearby and suffer, the position and my heels soon conspiring to make my calves ache so, apart from being distracted again by the girl in the PVC catsuit at one point as she ground herself against me, I was desperate to be untied when Mistress Claire decided it was time.

I was allowed a rest during which the dungeon all but emptied, at which point a rope harness was applied and I was hogtied on that nasty metal floor – for some reason I couldn’t lay on my front this time so had to stay on my side – and then allowed to worship Mistress Claire’s toes through her stockings. It’s a wonderful experience to be there, tasting her like that or having the soles of her feet rubbed over my face… I’ve absolutely no idea how long I was down there, but my release came because it was getting close to the time when the buffet was to be laid out.

Since there was a little time left, I was tied back to back with Samantha, and I back to back for a little while and, as I’ve noted previously, being restrained to another girl is always an interesting experience; both parties have to be aware of the other person especially if moving. As we were being released, Brian popped his head around the doorway to say the food was out and that Hannah, one of the club’s staff, wanted to see me – we headed to the bar and she handed me a plate of food, saying that she didn’t want me to miss out! I’ve said countless nice things about Quest and the people behind it for years now but, me being me, probably haven’t emphasised how great all of the people who run the place are.

Once we’d finished eating Mistress wanted some time for rope practise; I don’t really get to see how most of these ties turn out, but just standing there for her to work on is something I always enjoy – I like being the centre of her attention like that really. After a few goes at what felt like comfortable but restrictive arm binders, things culminated in a box tie when a girl wearing a Union Jack dress entered the dungeon. She took it upon herself to first get me aroused and the alternate between using her hand and mouth on me, not quite pushing me over the edge but getting perilously close.

One of the things I confessed to Mistress previously was the want to be used anally by another girl so when this newcomer bent me over the arched bench Mistress allowed it to happen, only mentioning that I wasn’t used to what she was about to do. I’m not a virgin in that respect but it had been over half a decade since the last time and, despite still being bound with my arms behind me, I wasn’t gagged so could have protested or used my safe word. I’ve never actually enjoyed the experience even when I was “in practise”, as it were, but knowing that the girl doing it wanted to do so has always been more than enough of a reason for me not to stop what was happening and it all comes down to my need to please others really.

The final position of the day was back on the kneeling bench with a rope over my waist holding me in place; initially it was Mistress Claire and the Union Jack girl disciplining me – the latter would eventually move around to use me orally, being rough in a way I have to confess I’ve fantasised about for a while – but they were joined by the woman from a couple who took over when Mistress was asked to tie someone else up. The force of the blows varied depending on who was behind them and I realised how ridiculously shy I can be when the woman moved around the bench and asked if I wanted to worship her breasts and I blustered so much the opportunity passed!

I was released just before Mistress Claire tied a woman called Alison to the cross, only then realising that it was getting late and, because I’m at the mercy of the bus services, having to ask for permission to leave the dungeon to get changed before I’d been allowed to orgasm! I changed, removed the final remains of my makeup and, after saying my goodbyes, headed off home. It had been a particularly busy day in the dungeon and I want to thank the fantastic Mistress Claire for a wonderful time. I’d also like to thank all of the people in the dungeon during the course of the day as well – offering my humblest apologies to all of the people whose names I didn’t catch – and of course my Beloved. The pictures are all available in the appropriate gallery.

The school holiday is over

The fourth Thursday of August meant that my toy bag was loaded and then taken across Leeds to Quest – sadly without my Beloved due to other commitments – in order to meet a few friends and, most importantly of all, to kneel before and worship Mistress Claire. The event had a “back to school” theme this time and since my Beloved had found an appropriate uniform online for me – it came with a white blouse, pinafore style dress, a blue and white striped tie, white stockings which sadly didn’t survive the day and a straw hat – that, with my locking 2″ heels, was how I dressed to meet Mistress. She wore black PVC and heels, looking sensational in the process.

As noted previously, due to a silly mistake on my part the fortnight of chastity I struggle through for Mistress Claire was accidentally extended to three weeks and those frustrating extra days left my imagination in a truly ridiculous state. I’d already told Mistress about this – she found the situation highly amusing and knowing that made the situation a little more bearable – but she’d also wanted a full confession so the first thing I found myself doing was kneeling before her to admit to a plethora of naughty fantasies, some of which I may not actually be brave enough to act on or even admit to here. I also begged for her canes and the bondage needed to keep me still during that whilst still kneeling before her, then asked that she hold the keys that would unlock my shoes, meaning I couldn’t take them off without asking first.

But the first tie of the day began with a rope harness around my waist and over my shoulders; I was then ordered to lie down on the dungeon floor – that took a couple of goes in my slightly befuddled state until I realised that Mistress meant face down – before my arms and feet were bound and then tightly hogtied. This was a far stricter tie than the one I’d endured the previous session and that metal floor doesn’t get any softer, but since Mistress allowed me to worship her feet whilst I was bound it was absolutely worth it. I still don’t know if I have a foot fetish generally or if it’s just her feet specifically, but I felt a little tingling sensation of blushing pride when told that what I was doing was arousing.

The next position was a test of something my chastity-driven, fevered imagination had dreamt up; I wanted to try being bound over the spanking bench we usually use for my discipline at the end of the day but with my arms pulled upwards like a strappado. Normally my legs are bound tightly to the bench but my arms are tied together in front of me, propping my body up because the corset under my uniform makes having them down at the sides of the bench where they’re meant to be tied uncomfortable, but this new position actually worked without problems. I received a few strokes of the cane whilst there as well and it proved effective as regards keeping me still throughout, which was the intention.

Continuing with suggestions that were made whilst I possibly wasn’t thinking straight, remembering how Mistress had enjoyed my reaction to being bound, gagged and touched by a man previously gave the worryingly creative part of me an idea and I actually offered to suffer the same ordeal again for her! It’s worth stating again at this point that I’m not at all comfortable with anything even vaguely sexual as regards men to the point where I tend to call it a hard limit, but wanting to find ways to amuse my Mistress meant that I found myself being tied in a sitting position to the large kneeling bench with my legs pulled underneath which left me almost unable to move before the tube gag was fastened over my hood and a length of rope attached to my hair to pull my back… only to be eventually released and told there weren’t any men hanging around the dungeon’s doorway to invite in!

That left me with mixed emotions at the time; on the one hand I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the experience so there was a sense of relief that it would be postponed, but I’d spent the days after suggesting the idea trying to prepare myself emotionally in the knowledge that Mistress would enjoy watching me squirm and whimper pathetically so it was… well, an anticlimax I suppose? There might have been a certain degree of disappointment in the mix as well, both in the sense that I didn’t get to please Mistress Claire and, oddly, because it sort of feels like a rejection; I really didn’t want the attention of a man but having all of them not show any was, I think, a rather unexpected and mildly confusing blow to my ego.

Thankfully I wasn’t given much time to dwell on those thoughts after being released – they probably still need a little processing but at least I’ve written about them now which helps – and I soon found myself in the third position I’d suggested; a strappado but with high heels on, my arms hoisted high and a rope tied between my feet and collar to make things a little more difficult than last time. I really do enjoy the variations on this position, it’s not easy to deal with because my thighs start aching quite quickly and the heels mean my calves soon join in as well, but I adore the vulnerability. It’s a strangely relaxing position despite the discomfort and the new collar to ankle rope gave something new to think about as well.

After being released and allowed a short rest, my arms were bound behind me and I was then secured standing next to the cross before Mistress amused herself with various implements including our vicious, prison-style strap. After quite a bit of bottom warming I was then let down from the cross but my arms remained bound and, whilst kneeling on the metal floor of the dungeon, I was ordered to resume worshipping of Mistress Claire’s lovely stocking-clad toes, having one then the other pressed against my lips to lick and suck for a while until she decided to let me have the wonderful honour of pleasuring her more intimately.

Audrey Anne had arrived before I’d been bound to the cross but had been elsewhere in the club, returning to the dungeon shortly after this; she soon found herself bound to the throne and, with my arms still tied behind me, I found my head between her thighs, licking and then sucking as she moaned. I asked for my arms to be released after a while to get a better position but sadly couldn’t get her to orgasm – I suspect it’s because Audrey Anne is a very naughty girl when alone – but she seemed to enjoy my attention. Mistress started untying Audrey Anne and I went to find out when the food was going to be laid out and, since it was due in the immediate future, we headed into the bar area to wait.

After eating we returned to the dungeon and Mistress Claire wanted to experiment with some rope bondage, in particular a couple of variations on arm binders; these can take a while to apply which means I got to be the centre of her attention as she bound me, I really enjoy it and can sometimes become a little lost in the experience, only to be brought back to reality by an unexpected tug of the rope. One of my confessions at the start of the day involved nipple clamps so since the blouse I had on could be undone the rather harsh set in my bag were applied before I was ordered onto the kneeler, still with my arms bound and nipples tightly clamped, for some strokes with the cane.

It was around this time that Mistress Claire realised that her wrist was hurting; she said it wasn’t from beating or tying me – that was something of a relief, I’d hate to be the cause of an injury like that – but it did mean that the caning I’d begged for earlier in the day had to be cut short – this might come as a surprise to some people reading, but it isn’t just submissives who can find themselves having to stop because they have an unexpected pain! Mistress decided to bring my orgasm forwards as well, so I was bound tightly to the throne with my hood and gag applied, then bagged and made to cum as the chain on the still secured nipple clamps was pulled upon… before being left there with the bag still on for a while afterwards!

That left us with some time before the club closed so Mistress used most of that for rope practice whilst she had me there – being a worrier I did voice my concerns about her wrist but she was of course right and it didn’t cause any further problems – and the last half an hour was spent resting in one of the play rooms before it was the end of the day and time to leave. As always I have to thank the wonderful Mistress Claire for… well, everything really and putting up with me after three weeks of chastity. And thanks as always to my Beloved – who just laughed at my mistake and subsequent frustration during the chastity – Audrey Anne and everybody else who was there.

Waiting for magic

The fourth Thursday in July saw me travelling across Leeds on my own in order to meet Mistress Claire at Quest. I had a new outfit to wear, an Alexandra D60 waitress uniform – it’s essentially the same as a nurse’s uniform but in black – with a long apron which seemed to work well together. Mistress was wearing her leather dress, looking amazing as usual and wonderfully intimidating, in part because she’d mentioned being in a more sadistic mood than usual when we’d talked online during the week. I’d offered quite a few ideas for things she could do with me to amuse herself – being chaste means my imagination had already been busy – because, whilst I’m well aware of the phrase “be careful what you wish for”, at that time I was wanting to please my Mistress regardless of how much I’d find myself regretting those suggestions.

On the day itself however, Mistress told me that her mood was far more relaxed so, after I begged on my knees to receive her canes later in the day, I found myself hooded, gagged with the new tube gag I’d recently picked up which has a sink plug and bound facing the cross; once there I was treated to a hand spanking which felt wonderful, followed by a few strokes from her cane presumably to make sure I didn’t get too comfortable. Another maid, I believe called Tina, appeared at the dungeon door wearing a cute PVC uniform and some impressive heels who, after a little cajoling, was persuaded to enter and soon found herself bound to the cross for a similar treatment to the one I’d just received. Although I’m sure she took her caning far better than I tend to, she also shook like a leaf and I found myself holding her hands in a comforting way – she thanked me afterwards which made me blush a little!

Whilst recklessly making suggestions a few days previously, I’d mentioned some of the variations on a strappado that I had seen in videos and pictures online so Mistress Claire had me sit cross legged by the scaffolding, bound my wrists behind me and hoisted them upwards, forcing me to bend forwards. To begin with this was a bearable and immobilising position but it soon proved to be a problem because the rope around my right wrist shifted and began pinching my skin in such an agonising way that I was quite literally begging to be released! Sometimes these things happen and an experienced Dom/me will instinctively recognise the signs in the way Mistress Claire did, usually at the same time as the submissive does.

After that unexpected ordeal I was allowed to rest for a little while before my arms were bound together behind me again and my legs pulled back either side of the larger kneeling bench; I was also gagged and, after tormenting me with her hand and then a cane – the blows were harsh enough to leave marks near the top of my thighs – Mistress went over to her bag and retrieved a pinwheel! I don’t know if it’s been mentioned previously, but I have a phobia of needles which is bad enough that even the threat of something like a pinwheel will scare me but, during a previous discussion on limits, I rather foolishly said that Mistress could use one on me if it would please her so I hope that she enjoyed what I presume was a look of terror in my eyes as she first menaced me with it before proceeding to roll the spiked wheel quite roughly around the more sensitive areas between my legs. I tried my best to keep still for her throughout but it really wasn’t easy and I wriggled quite a bit…

I’ve mentioned previously that I appear to be developing a foot fetish when it comes to Mistress Claire (I’m not sure if it extends to anybody else, perhaps I’ll get to find out in the future) and this is another topic we’d discussed; I was told that worshipping her toes was something I’d need to earn so, again possibly unwisely, I suggested a hogtie on the dungeon floor in the hope that she’d enjoy watching me suffer. I was told to lie on my stomach and restrained before Mistress essentially gagged me with her lovely, stocking-clad toes which left no options other than licking or sucking them in the hope she’d enjoy what I was doing. That did seem to be the case so I’ll hopefully be allowed that pleasure again… even if I have to suffer a stricter hogtie next time.

I was then leant to the lovely Miss Clare who wanted a little rope practise. She said that she liked having a girl with her hands bound behind her to play with once I was in that position, then began teasing, caressing, licking and nibbling; it was an extremely erotic experience standing there as she ran her hands over me or kissed the back of my neck and, although we had an interesting discussion about the symbolism of my maid’s uniform I was more than a little lost in what she was doing to properly contribute to the conversation! Once she was satisfied I was freed and, when Miss Clare sat on the kneeling bench, I knelt in front of her; Mistress tied her wrists back to the bench and I was told to pleasure her; I enjoyed the experience of serving her in that way after the lovely experience she’d given me and she seemed to as well, although I wasn’t allowed to make her cum because she wasn’t ready – I stopped when a man asked if he could join in, letting him take over since Miss Clare was happy with that idea.

Audrey Anne had arrived whilst I’d been hogtied earlier; one of the ideas she’d had whilst we were talking about seeing each other at Quest earlier in the week was that we could be bound together. Mistress had found that suggestion amusing when I’d passed it on and proceeded to tie the two of us tightly to each other. I’d had my own fantasies during the discussion about being gagged and helpless to prevent Audrey Anne from kissing me so asked for my tube gag with that in mind, but then Audrey Anne wanted the same which meant we could only rub our gags together rather than kiss properly! That went on for some time and a few people thought we looked rather cute, but we also got into some trouble because her attention wandered to other things happening in the dungeon and we weren’t kissing enough!

After we were separated, my arms were left tied and I was told to sit down and watch as Mistress soundly spanked Miss Clare; Audrey Anne found that sight very exciting and offered to kiss Miss Clare’s behind better so I watched that happen for a while until I needed to be released. They continued to play for a while longer and I excused myself to get a drink from the bar, only to find that the buffet was already being put out and had started to disappear – I let Mistress Claire know and then scurried off to gather two platefuls of food for her and myself before everything disappeared.

After eating we returned to the dungeon and Mistress Claire wanted to tie me in a classic strappado position so I was bound standing under the scaffolding with my arms pulled upwards in the classic position, keeping me bent at the waist. This position doesn’t look particularly difficult in pictures but it puts a surprising amount of pressure on the calves and indeed thighs if high heels are being worn, but that feeling of helplessness is totally than worth it. Although I was told that despite wearing a gag I’d have to beg for release I tried my absolute best not to in order to please Mistress Claire, she eventually decided to let me go but hopefully enjoyed watching me; the people standing in the dungeon doorway certainly seemed to.

I was allowed another short rest before my arms were once more bound behind me, the tube gag applied and ropes were used to secure me to the throne. As I sat there unable to move or speak, my oral services were offered to two girls who were sitting on the padded top of the cage with Mistress Claire. When they accepted, I was released and ordered onto my knees before Poppy; she must have been very aroused already because it didn’t take much effort on my part before she climaxed but, once I was ordered to do so, getting the other girl Lea to the same point took a lot longer. Eventually she also had a happy ending. It was worth every second of kneeling on the metal floor knowing that I’d given them pleasure and being thanked by both was a lovely bonus.

Once I’d recovered from serving, Mistress wanted to try another strappado that I’d mentioned seeing; this involved me kneeling with my ankles bound together, head down on the dungeon floor whilst my arms were hoisted upwards. This position was again suggested whilst I was being recklessly brave – after I’d tested the position and decided that a cushion was necessary for my head – and I was surprised at how comfortable it was , at least until my arms were released, at which point most of my weight was on my poor knees. It seems to be a viable position for me to take at least a mild caning in the future, several strokes were delivered whilst I was there and I could barely move.

The PVC maid returned to be bound bending over the kneeler for further attention from Mistress Claire; I started off just watching her take it but, when she started shaking again when the cane was used, I found myself holding her hand once more. I was given a quick “warm up” caning over the leg spreading kneeler but without restraints or a gag – an unexpected portent of things to come as it turned out – before Lea returned to the dungeon wanting to be spanked, a request which was granted as I watched and she certainly seemed to enjoy it!

Because things had been so busy for Mistress and the dungeon being particularly warm that day, I did offer to forgo my regular caning – I’m still claiming that I was trying to spare her the effort since the dungeon was very warm and not due to cowardice – but Mistress insisted, although she didn’t feel there was enough time to properly bind or gag me beforehand and instead administered the cane without either. Staying still and not squealing is close to impossible for me in that situation – that’s why I beg for strict bondage and a gag at the same time as I ask for her cane – but I tried very hard to take whatever Mistress felt I deserved without putting up too much of a fight.

Finally, my arms were bound to the throne, the new tube gag strapped into place and a clear plastic bag pulled tightly over my head before Mistress Claire made me orgasm for her as I struggled to breathe and, since I didn’t have a hood or blindfold on, she could look into my eyes as that happened… I usually wear a blindfold or hood so that I’m completely in my own little world during that climax but offered to go without so that she could enjoy the reaction, so hopefully she did. After my climax I was left for a while before the bag was removed and, eventually, untied. We then gathered our things up and sat down for a rest – she was on the kneeling bench and I chose the floor next to her because that position just feels right – before it was time to leave.

To conclude, I have to thank the wonderful Mistress Claire for a fabulous day of torment and bondage, as well as my Beloved who sadly couldn’t be there. My regards also go to the lovely Miss Clare for wanting to have her way with me whilst I was helpless – hopefully I at least partially returned that favour whilst kneeling before her – and to both Poppy and Lea who allowed me to give them pleasure orally. Oh, and to Audrey Anne as well, even if she does seem to spend at least some of her time there getting me into trouble! The pictures taken by Mistress Claire are all in the appropriate gallery and the post title is a reference to a song by Ace Of Base if anyone was wondering…